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There are 5722 Nigerian specialists and 1540 practicing medicine in the UK

There are 5722 Nigerian specialists and 1540 practicing medicine in the UK

At least 5,722 Nigerian doctors are trained as specialists in the UK.

In addition, less than 1,540 GPs have entered the list of Nigerian physicians in the UK.

This was revealed by analyzing data obtained from the website of the British General Medical Council.

According to the data, 1,228 of the experts are senior experts and 4,494 are fellow experts.

The GMC also said that there are 1,540 general practitioners trained in Nigeria in the UK and a total of 1,988 trained physicians.

Punch The number of trained professionals and consultants in Nigeria has been steadily increasing over the years.

In September, the Saudi government reportedly organized a job interview for consultants and experts in Abuja.

The Minister of Labor and Employment, Chris Nagika, has given a nine-year warranty to health workers in order to prevent brain drain while protecting the budget.

Our correspondent tests show that at least 264 physicians have been licensed by the General Medical Council of England in the last 53 days, with an average of 4.6 Nigerian physicians per day.

According to a study conducted on the Council’s website, Nigeria ranks third in the number of foreign physicians working in the UK, followed by India and Pakistan with 30,388 and 15,962 physicians working in the UK, respectively.

In an interview PunchOne of the key factors was the hostile work environment, explained Professor Ken Aquu, former president of the Association of Medical and Dental Consultants of Nigeria and current member of the Association’s National Council.

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He said, “The Nigerian business environment is hostile to doctors and the security situation in Nigeria is hostile to Nigerian citizens.

“There is no sense of job satisfaction, professional development or corresponding financial reward. These are the driving factors.

“The country’s healthcare system does not have the capacity to absorb all the health workers that are produced each year. Only recently has the issue of domestic workers been resolved.

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