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Ilustrační snímek.

There are fewer blood donors in Novo Jesen. There is a large population affected by the virus and is aging. The city is trying

“At the moment, we are facing a decrease in the number of blood donors, the population is getting old, the situation is also complicated by Covid-19. Unfortunately, there is less blood than what is needed. However, because we believe in cooperating with the local community and supporting health and a healthy lifestyle. “We have established cooperation with the health city of Novo Jessen,” said Martin Janic, human resources and marketing specialist at AGEL Nový Jičín Hospital.

“To help make the good things happen, we also contacted participants of the To Work on a Bike campaign. City Health Coordinator Lucy Hardlichkova said sweets are waiting for those who come to the blood transfusion department for their cycling campaign hoax.

The blood transfusion station is preferred on Tuesdays as collection days. However, those interested can choose the most suitable date for them, through the reservation system. On the internet address they can book a day and an hour thus avoiding any waiting.

“Blood donation is also important during a pandemic. Therefore, we would like to warn the public that it is possible to donate blood or blood components even during infection with the Coronavirus and the blood transfusion departments of Novojičín Hospital, new donors will be welcomed,” added Ondřej Syrovátka, a politician from the Health City.

Every citizen of the Czech Republic between the age of 18 to 65 who is in good health and weighs more than 50 kg can become a blood donor.

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