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There are more EU immigrants than estimated in the UK

There are more EU immigrants than estimated in the UK

The imbalance between the original data and the reality caused tension, for example, experienced MP. And former Secretary of Defense John Hayes. According to him, the London government should act on how it controls the borders.

The desire to “regain control” is, after all, one of the main reasons for leaving European structures.

“The citizenship status system is a good thing. It’s good that people are joining the UK. It’s welcome. However, it is clear that controlling our borders means we know who’s coming and going,” the Hayes Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

With the iconic slogan of the current Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaign


Another Conservative MP, Bernard Jenkin, agrees. “The fact that many EU citizens want to stay in Brexit Britain is a welcome surprise. It illustrates why Preity Patel (Home Secretary) and new Secretary Matthew Rycroft are significantly strengthening the ministry’s capabilities to meet these challenges,” he explained.

what is this?

EU immigrants can apply for so-called “citizenship status” or “pre-citizenship status” by the end of June this year.

These rules are based on an EU settlement plan agreed upon by both parties in post-relative negotiations.