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There are very few file officers in Czech courts - T24 - Česká televize

There are very few file officers in Czech courts – T24 – Česká televize

A protocol officer is an essential part of court procedures in the Czech Republic. These personnel ensure the effective course of the individual trials. In addition to legalizing the parties to the proceedings, they must, in particular, record the course of the process and then copy the content into the minutes.

“Of course, time plays a big role there, and once CDs are not rewritten, it causes delays in criminal proceedings,” explains Yaroslav Bokorna, president of the Prague Municipal Court.

The shortage of these officials is now mainly in Prague. For example, the local city court has in many cases not rewrote protocols since this spring. This is, for example, a sports subsidy case.

The main problem is money

The initial salary for the registration officer is 24,300 kronor. The salaries here are even lower compared to the same or even easier positions in the state administration. “If we compare it to conditions in supermarkets in a cash register, these people will naturally leave us,” Boocorna added.

The Prague City Court has nineteen councils and only nine court officials – two of them are currently ill. In addition, due to the current situation, examinations have been stopped for new candidates.

Justice Minister Marie Benisova (for YES) wants to discuss the situation with the new head of the Prague City Court in the near future. The topic will also be a salary increase.

The Prague City Court addresses the shortage of protocol officials by, among other things, involving magistrates’ assistants in codifying protocols. According to the new president of the court, this solution is short-lived.

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