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There is a clear map of solidarity in social security programs

There is a clear map of solidarity in social security programs

Gareth Bailey, British Ambassador to Egypt, commended the activities of the Awareness Program for Community Development, the model and awareness activities adopted by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in collaboration with civil society organizations and their participation in the implementation of the projects. International organizations noted that this confirms that the Ministry has a clear map of Egypt’s development priorities.All social sectors, especially social security programs and programs.

During his visit to Minya Governorate and reviewing the activities of the Awareness Program for Community Development, it was implemented by the Ministry of Social Solidarity in all Governorates in conjunction with the Development Program for Civil Society Organizations and the United Nations. Bailey, of the British Embassy and the European Union’s Embassy in Egypt, said the United Kingdom and all countries around the world were more interested in environmental protection issues today, and that Egypt was hosting this year’s climate change conference in Sharm el. -Shake will open up many areas for cooperation and investment in this sector.

Gareth Bailey, UK Ambassador to Egypt, said he was pleased to visit various projects of the Ministry of Solidarity and voluntary organizations in Minneapolis and to see the diverse and energetic youth groups working with government and international organizations and civil society. Achieving the goals of sustainable development in Egypt.

The Ambassador was welcomed by the Governor of Minya, Major General Osama Al-Qadi, and the Director of the Directorate of Social Solidarity in Minya, accompanied by the Deputy Director of the United Nations Development Program, Mr. Sylvain Marlin was with them.

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It is noteworthy that the visit of the British Ambassador began with an inspection of the activities of the “Awareness” program at the Samalud Center, where the Coptic Evangelical Commission for Social Services provided measures to promote citizenship values ​​and respect differences, and activities for drawing and acting classes, and raising awareness and positive values ​​about the arts and Its use in improving behaviors, economic empowerment programs for the most vulnerable groups, and sharing the results of disability early detection campaigns among children.