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There is a comprehensive change in Al-Ahly towards the football team and its technical staff in the coming period (video)

There is a comprehensive change in Al-Ahly towards the football team and its technical staff in the coming period (video)

date of publication:
07 June 2022 22:21 GMT

Update date: June 08, 2022 2:00 GMT

Sports journalist Ahmed Schubert expected expected changes in the technical and administrative bodies of Al-Ahly Club soon.

Schubert said, through his sports program, on Tuesday: “There is a case of question marks or questions, what is happening in the ongoing meeting between Al-Ahly’s board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib and Pitso Musimani, through a meeting via Zoom, what I did was that the meeting was scheduled for two days, and Musimani will arrive.” Cairo next Thursday, and this gave question marks to Al-Ahly officials, because I have a match on the 12th in the Egypt Cup, which is from last 30 until June 9, so this is a long absence.”

Schubert added: “You feel that there are question marks in it, and some said: Will the meeting witness the end of the relationship? Certainly not, but it is witnessing a strong and violent dialogue, away from statements and words, but it will witness strong words from the Football Association and the Planning Department, and I personally criticized the length of the vacations for the players, and the meeting for extreme frankness between Mosimane and the various Al-Ahly administrations.

Schubert continued: “There is a comprehensive policy change in terms of the football team and its technical staff in the coming period. This is a statement on my responsibility, and the administration will keep in mind the follow-up, monitoring and standing on every small and big thing because the team cannot afford to lose another championship, and building trust between the management body is an important matter. Very, and there are words that must be understood between the lines, and we will see in the end what the meeting will produce.”

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Al-Ahly said in a statement issued after the meeting with Musimani: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of the club, discussed, through the (Zoom) program, Bitso Musimani, in some administrative and technical matters related to the first football team, in the presence of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly Football Company, headed by Yassin. Mansour, Hussam Ghaly, a member of the club’s board of directors, and the planning committee, which includes both Captain Mohsen Saleh and Captain Zakaria Nassef, and the discussion of the rest of the matters was not completed at today’s meeting due to the health condition of Musimani, who stated that he will return to Cairo next Friday, and there will be another meeting after His arrival to complete the discussions in preparation for the next stage.”

On Tuesday, Al-Ahly defeated the Air Defense Forces team, by five goals, in a friendly match, as part of preparations for the resumption of local activity after the international break.

Al-Ahly will play against Al-Masry Al-Salloum in the 32nd round of the current edition of the Egypt Cup.

While Al-Ahly returns to the league matches on the 15th of this month, it will play the postponed match against the Eastern Company.

Al-Ahly recently lost the African Champions League title by falling to Moroccan Wydad, in the match that was held at Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca in the final of the African Champions League, which the Red team lost with two goals without a response.

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