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“There is a possibility that I will die” .. breathtaking moments of a British young man climbing a building in London without protection (video)

British climber George King Thompson, 21, has learned to deal with his fears so well that he climbed the 93-meter-high Yonex Tower in London, unprotected.

The Briton climbed the Yonex Tower in only ten minutes, during which he stopped once.

“I embrace my fear so I don’t give in to it,” says Thompson. “I know how to control my fears and use them to my advantage. That’s what I do with every climb and that’s what I did today.”

George King adds: “When you climb a building, all the endorphins, all the dopamine receptors, all the serotonin receptors are fired at the same time to increase your chances of survival…I know I can train as long as I want, but there is always the possibility that I will die…However, when I do what I love, there is no room in my head for such thoughts… I only do what I came to this building for.”

A week ago, George King climbed the stratosphere, and two years ago he climbed to the highest building in London (the Shard skyscraper), and he was arrested at the time and sentenced to six months in prison, but he was released after three months, according to the New York Post.

The Englishman also climbed the skyscraper known as “Agbar Tower” in Barcelona, ​​Spain, without using a rope or any safety equipment in December 2020, and the local police arrested him as soon as he got off the building.

It is reported that George has participated in many dangerous sports since he was ten years old.

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Source: British media