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There is another rhinoceros in the Czech Republic, originating from former Socialbakers and losers

Author: Socialbakers

There is another so-called unicorn operating in the Czech Republic, that is, a company worth a billion dollars and more. It’s a company It includeswhich was created with the merger of the Czech start-up Socialbakers And an American company smart solutions. He bought the Czech project in 2020.

Socialbakers is the largest entity within Emplifi. The Czech brand has more than five hundred people, of whom about 350 are. We plan to hire dozens of employees this year.

According to LionTree, Emplifi should be worth over $1 billion. This is due to a new investment from Sixth Street growth (Airbnb, Spotify or Vice Media). The amount of capital injection was not disclosed, as was the total investment in Emplifi. He is also an investor in Emplifi Odax Private Equity.

Emplifi’s financial results are not public. The Czech branch (formerly Socialbakers) generated revenues of 1.1 billion kroner in 2020, a year-on-year increase of more than seventeen percent. To that end, the company recorded 489 million crowns in deferred income, an important metric for SaaS companies. This value increased by nineteen percent year on year.

It is necessary to work with this in terms of profitability. The loss of the former Socialbakers makers in 2020 came to 539 million crowns.