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There is GPT-4 in the world. Artificial intelligence will be able to work with text and video, and Microsoft will stuff it everywhere – Živě.cz

It was revived on March 14 at 7:00 PM: OpenAI Association It is introduced by GPT-4. At 9 p.m., the press conference begins, and you can watch it here on YouTube:

alive: The Microsoft event at which it will present AI-related news has a name The future of work with artificial intelligence. It will take place on Thursday March 16th at 16:00 US time. On the page you will find a video with a live broadcast, and we will also follow the event on Live.

Andreas Braun, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Germany a statementthat the company will present a new generation language model next week GPT-4.

The news is surprising from several points of view.

  • This was announced by Microsoft, not by OpenAI, the company that developed GPT-4.
  • This information is issued by the German company Microsoft, not the American one.
  • It’s only been a month since Microsoft published GPT-3.5 in Bing.

The situation may explain the fact that Microsoft is now It owns a large part of OpenAI. In Germany, a similar event on productive AI has already taken place this week. It is necessary to quickly strangle the main competitors. Google and Meta are already preparing ambitious AI.

According to Brown, GPT-4 will work multifunctional We will deal with it with video, that is, it will be able to create or process images and sound, not just text. However, we don’t know the details yet, and the parts so far are somewhat contradictory. OpenAI head Sam Altman has said in the past that GPT-4 will remain text-only because the company is already developing Dall-E to work with graphics.

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All we know for sure is that Microsoft has far-reaching plans for AI. After all, CEO Satya Nadella will also be speaking at the conference next week. He will be joined by Jared Spataro, VP of all productivity applications (until January he only led Microsoft 365).

Microsoft has spread artificial intelligence everywhere

Generative AI is already being supported on many levels today. It has a Bing search engine with a GPT-3.5 based chatbot that will try to answer every question. Thanks to him, Bing is said to have more than 100 million users every day. He published Dall-E, which can generate images, in Powerpoint.

Copilot on GitHub can whisper full source codes to developers. AI can summarize meetings in Teams. A recent novelty is the Viva Sales function, which can, for example, automatically generate responses to emails in companies that pay for Dynamics 365. In the Azure cloud, it can now host applications and services based on GPT-3.5, ChatGPT and Dall-E. At The Future of Work with AI event, we hope to also learn about other uses of AI.