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"لا عزاء للحاقدين".. محمود المهدي يعلن عودته لمنة عرفة

“There is no consolation for the haters.” Mahmoud Al-Mahdi announces his return to Minna Arafa

12:38 AM

Wednesday 04 May 2022

I wrote – Manal El-Gioshy:

Mahmoud Al-Mahdi announced his return to his ex-wife, the young artist, Menna Arafa, two months after their separation for the “second time”.

Through the “Al-Astori” feature on his official account on the Instagram website, “Al-Mahdi” commented, “Praise be to God, I and Menna are back, and there is no consolation for the haters.”

And the artist, Menna Arafa, had stated, during her interview with the “Darb Nar” program, a few days ago, that her official divorce from Mahmoud Al-Mahdi It has not happened yet, saying: “The official divorce on paper is still not, but in a separation of a month and a half. Before the divorce, things happen. Everything is a share, and it is possible that one decides a need, and the topic fluctuates and finds yourself in another place at all.”

And she commented on her position on returning to Mahmoud Al-Mahdi, saying: “No one takes more than his share, and in attempts to return, and it is not only the one who is trying to return, and in attempts by many people, and ruining homes is not easy, and there is no easy need to destroy the one who builds.”

And she continued, “We talk at length, and we do not hate each other, nor are we enemies, and the relationship between us is good and has respect and every need is sweet, and our lives with each other are a need that belongs to us.”

At the beginning of last March, Mahmoud Al-Mahdi announced his separation from his wife, the young artist, Menna Arafa, for the second time, and wrote via the “Instagram Story” feature: “The separation took place, thank God for everything. The hand of someone, and against corruption, even if I prefer alone, but our Lord is with me.”

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