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There is no place for women in the Czech councils.  Dream of representing them on boards of directors again

There is no place for women in the Czech councils. Dream of representing them on boards of directors again

  • Eskm enm cannot be enforced on company boards of directors. According to an analysis by the consulting firm PwC, only 10.4% of them have flax.
  • In 2019, 13.3% of the boards of directors of Czech companies are held by women.
  • Iceland is the most represented on boards in the OECD countries, making up more than 45% of the company’s management, followed by France, Norway and New Zealand.
  • To increase representation and help by doing a predetermined group flower.

From the analysis of the consulting firm PwC, it turns out that one disappears from the Czech councils. And despite the fact that, according to statistics, last year it represented 13.3% of the company’s management, and according to the results of 2020, it burned down and decreased to 10.4%. In a total of 33 countries assessed, it ranked 28th.

At the same time, the Czechs are among the most hard-working, at least in the race of full-blown firmness. Among those who work, over 90% are full volumes. Often, whole curries are born only in Slovaks and Hungarians.

There is no problem for Coronavirus, at least for now

It’s not the coronavirus crisis that will make the results worse. But in five years, according to PwC expert Andrey Palnouf, that may be the case.

In higher positions, people are unlikely to be more likely to care for children and often leave beds on them or in the middle tier of a carriage. However, there is a risk that those employees who, as a result of the profession’s epidemic, have been temporarily weaned from their homes and homes, will be excluded from decision-making in many companies and build their positions from scratch. To type page It is also important to note that the year is a very long time today and for those who leave the work process, I can quickly return to the newly formed reality.

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ebek PwC based on MSCI, Eurostat, and The Economist research. Data for Iceland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Estonia are not available for 2020 and were assessed according to 2019.

Flowers are not for kadho

On the other hand, the countries where the enm is in the leading companies are Iceland, France, Norway and New Zealand. However, in all of these states, minimal flowers had to be offered to those on the councils. Norway was the first country of its kind, with the government limiting 40% of the corporation in the company to a specific list of three hundred companies.

The European Commission’s proposal also contributed to the receipt of flowers recommended by hundreds of the 40% members represented in corporate management in 2012. However, volunteer activities remained in place. Of the eighty-eight Europeans at the time, exceptions were made only. Markta Jechov of PwC, who advises companies on challenging strategic sustainability, explains and adds: The United Nations recommends monitoring not only the number of councils, but also management and government, and does not define Venus exactly, but stimulates Companies In order to be interested in career growth, define duties and report their responses.

At least one, Germany decided

The last country to organize the issue of supreme representation was Germany. Compared to other European countries, it will approve its special, very charitable, kind of country flower in January 2021. The Board’s commitment to always have at least one woman applies only to Companies Listed on the stock exchange and those whose board of directors is at least

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Is this variable in comparison with other countries sufficient? According to Markta Getschof of PwC, yes. Finally, the fact that German society of women and their actions on show shows that they can achieve the same goal. For us, we are on the same level now as you Companies Vol, How to topic pistoup. This is often the case with the marketplace, which tries to allow their employees to build a career despite their extra life roles.

PricewaterhouseCoopers ESC Republica

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