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There is no text or regulation that requires students to wear a specific dress at the university

There is no text or regulation that requires students to wear a specific dress at the university

“The Dress Girl” .. a name that has appeared strongly in the media, in recent days, and the owner of this name is a student at the Faculty of Arts, Tanta University, after she was bullied by some exam observers, and their comment on her wearing a dress inside the university, which created a state of discussion And push and pull, about the freedom of students to wear their clothes on campus.

a year ago; Several universities have issued; Including: Alexandria, South Wadi and Menoufia, several decisions about student clothes; A number of prohibitions were placed, including “cut jeans” and clothing that violate respect for the university campus, from entering the university. Indeed, students adhered to these decisions, in order to preserve their future, and to respect the prestige of the university campus.

Knowing that universities are an independent entity, they have the right to take what they see as organizational decisions, to achieve discipline within the university campus, and to organize work there, in addition to the absence of a specific law regulating students’ clothes inside the university, by setting specific specifications for clothing, inside the university campus, Whether for male or female students, we had to know the opinions of experts and university leaders, on this controversy.

Dr. Mahmoud Alam El Din, Professor of Journalism at the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, and the official spokesperson for the university, said that there are no written controls in the regulations that regulate the workflow in Egyptian universities, but what separates everyone is a reference to the ethics of the Egyptian society, and the university is committed to this. command.

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In an exclusive statement to Al-Bawaba, Alam El-Din confirmed that Cairo University is committed to preventing any phenomenon that offends it, and the students themselves work with us in this matter. Referring to his full agreement with the universities, which decided to ban some manifestations that offend any university campus.

He explained, that there is no dress code or specific clothes, for the university student, as the student is free to wear what he wants, without being outside the text and the general context, because the university campus has its sanctity, prestige and respect.

And the cases that have been punished; Alamuddin said: The cases are very few. Since the students are committed, and the punishment that occurs is exceptionally, if the student has completely departed from public morals, by appearing in revealing or sexy clothes, and this is what we stand for, and prevent, because we respect the university campus, it is inappropriate, for example, to enter To the place of worship, in clothes not worthy of it, such as the university campus.