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There is no UK in Hungary in the EU, Orban told Johnson -

There is no UK in Hungary in the EU, Orban told Johnson –

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson today met with his Hungarian counterpart Victor Orban at his headquarters on Downing Street. Johnson said the meeting would deepen relations with EU member states. However, he also faced criticism for choosing a nationalist organ for the meeting, whose statements and policies are often considered controversial, writes global organizations.

Victor Orban has spoken of a “Muslim invasion” in the past and called immigrants “poison”. Prior to today’s meeting, the BBC reported that the British government’s office had termed Orban’s statements as “controversial and misguided conflicts” and that he would not skip the topic of human rights during the talks.

“Cooperation with Hungary is essential for the prosperity and security of the United Kingdom,” said Johnson’s spokesman. Nevertheless, he described the meeting as a regular meeting with the head of a major EU country. Since the outbreak of the Govt-19 epidemic, Boris Johnson has met privately with only a handful of world politicians, most recently with the Irish Prime Minister.

Prior to the meeting, Victor Orban had said that Britain was not in Hungary in the European Union, Reuters writes. “We agreed on a number of issues, which created a certain balance in the EU. (() However, the question now is where (Britain) is in the world.

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