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These foods are brain food.. They enhance its functions and improve memory and mood

These foods are brain food.. They enhance its functions and improve memory and mood

11:00 am

Friday 27 August 2021

The foods you eat play a role in maintaining a healthy brain and can improve certain mental tasks, such as memory and mood.
And the Russian nutritionist, Margarita Makokha, believes that it is possible that fish, nuts, turmeric and vegetables can help enhance brain function.
According to a specialist, brain cells and neurons need nutrients during mental and physical activity, and their need for these substances increases significantly with age. She emphasized that a balanced diet is the key to healthy brain activity.
The expert added that a person should eat the right polyunsaturated fats found in oily sea fish, nuts and vegetable oils, and said: “These substances are able to regulate cholesterol metabolism, participate in metabolism, and have a high nutritional value for the body in general and the brain in particular.”
Makokha stressed that substances such as magnesium, zinc and selenium found in chocolate and bananas can improve memory, mood, focus and brain performance.
Earlier, Pavel Isanbayev, a doctor who specializes in weight loss, advised eating iron-rich foods. According to the doctor, there are 8 foods with the highest iron content. Including meat and eggs. At the same time, the specialist described the iron in meat as the most bioavailable form of iron, because it is easily absorbed by the body.

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