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They are actively exploring alternative ways of dealing with Iran

Amid the pessimistic atmosphere over nuclear talks and the possibility of reaching an agreement with Iran, the US State Department on Tuesday reiterated its search for other alternatives to negotiations and diplomacy.

Foreign Minister Anthony Blingen told a news conference in Indonesia that his country was continuing its diplomacy in dealing with Iran over its return to nuclear talks because it was one of the best options available.

However, according to Reuters, Washington is working hard with its allies and partners to find alternatives.

“The Flame Game”

Earlier, Iran accused Western signatories of pursuing a revenge game of the 2015 nuclear deal, a day after European diplomats said the deal would soon be useless if it did not go ahead.

Its chief negotiator, Ali Bakery Gani, tweeted, “Some actors are still blaming instead of real diplomacy …”

Ali Bageri Gani, Iran’s chief negotiator in Vienna (Archive – AFP)

Senior diplomats from Britain, France and Germany have been urging officials in the Austrian capital to continue developing nuclear weapons, especially after warnings that the deal could become ineffective or worthless if progress is not made. Abilities.

It is noteworthy that last week before the G7 summit in the United Kingdom, Blinken also confirmed last week that he had discussed with the Europeans the nuclear file and the next steps in the negotiated stalemate.

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