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They burned the house and everyone in it because they thought they stole a mobile phone

They burned the house and everyone in it because they thought they stole a mobile phone

This information was revealed during a preliminary hearing of Kevin Bowie and Gavin Seymour, accused of committing murders first class andarson assault and related offenses arising from the fire that was lit in August 2020.

and eliminated Denver court The partial finding of sufficient evidence in the case against the two justified the start of their trial and ordered the two young men to be detained without bail, according to Reuters.

Both were 16 years old when they were arrested in January 2021 and are currently being tried as adults despite their lawyers attempting to take their case to court. juvenile court.

A third suspect, who was 15 years old at the time of his arrest, is facing charges in the juvenile court.

and a young man fire In the early morning hours, Gabriel Deol, aged 29, and his wife Aisha Deol, aged 23, and their two-year-old daughter Khadija, were killed. The husband’s sister, 25, and her infant daughter were also killed in the fire.

Three other members of the family escaped the fire by jumping from a second-floor window.

Neil Baker, an investigator, said: Denver PoliceDuring his testimony on Friday, Bowie confessed to the crime after his arrest, adding that Bowie told police he traced the stolen cellphone back to that house in the Northeast. Denver He and his two accomplices poured gasoline into the dwelling and set it on fire.

Becker testified that he “confessed to setting that house on fire,” and said Bowie realized after seeing news reports about the fire that the victims were not the ones who robbed it.

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The authorities said that the police reached the three suspects through mobile phone data and traced the vehicle in which they escaped.