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They can produce green aviation fuel, which will not lead to an ecological summer bag

For Germany and the partner country, this new technology is a major economic concern for Germany and the partner country, said German Environment Minister Svenja Schulzow, who opened on Monday at the production facility in the northern German town of Werlt. German airline Lufthansa became the number one customer.

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Green e-kerosene, as Atmosphere called it, is produced industrially from water using renewable energy from wind farms and carbon dioxide from biogas plants that process food waste.

The carbon dioxide for kerosene comes from the air. According to Atmosfair, the post-combustion of the fuel, a mixture of hydrocarbons, releases exactly the same amount of carbon dioxide into the air as it was previously consumed for production.

Fuel use alone is not climate neutral. The problem is the intensification of aircraft paths, which, according to Atmosfair, contributes to a warming climate twice the amount of carbon dioxide taken from a kerosene incinerator. The condensate path consists of a mixture of cold air with hot flue gases and the sky can be seen as an artificial cloud copying the flight path.

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Green E-kerosene is an important step in climate-friendly summer, and if used correctly, we’ll reach climate-neutral flights in the long run, Atmosfair says.

In addition to Atmosfair, the environmental organization Greenpeace noted that E-kerosene does not solve the climate problem for airlines. Although it has welcomed the production of carbon-neutral fuels, it seems necessary that we dream for years to continue to protect the climate in the long term.

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Operation in Werlte officially started on Monday, but with daytime operation it will be sweating in the first quarter of next year. The daily production is about one ton of kerosene, which by itself is not enough to reverse CO2 emissions in aviation without other similar devices.