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They have finally arrived!  VW represents the identifier.  Tinnitus and ID.  Buzz Cargo

They have finally arrived! VW represents the identifier. Tinnitus and ID. Buzz Cargo

Five years after the concept was first introduced, VW Commercial Vehicles is introducing a production version of the electric MPV ID. Buzz and ID version of its utility. Buzz Cargo.

During today’s online presentation, the Volkswagen commercial vehicle brand finally presented its production ID of electric vehicles. Tinnitus and ID. Buzz Cargo, which expands Volkswagen’s pure-electric ambitions. However, these are certainly not the first purely electric additions to the Bully family. The first was introduced 50 years ago.

At the 1972 Hanover Motor Show, Volkswagen presented the T2, powered by a rear-mounted electric motor, which offered a maximum range of 85 kilometers on a single charge. It was not enough for practical operation, but a dream arose about the purely electric Bulli model, which is now a reality.

Electrical ID models presented today. Buzz and Buzz Cargo are built on the MEB Group’s modular platform, which allows them to deliver cutting edge technologies – such as the group’s personal electric vehicles. After all, the similarity is already evident when looking at the first known engine system.

The first versions will reach European markets with 77 kWh batteries (total capacity 82 kWh) and a 150 kW rear-mounted electric motor, which will spin the rear wheels. Although the automaker has yet to specify the upper range, the battery can be charged at 11 kW (alternating current) or up to 170 kW (DC) fast. Charging from 5 to 80% will be possible in less than 30 minutes.

In addition, the new Plug & Charge service should make charging easier, thanks to which it will not be necessary to use payment cards or chips when charging (for compatible chargers). The connection between the vehicle and the charger via the charging connector takes place within two seconds of being plugged in.

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However, while technology is shared, the design is unique and follows the friendly design of the iconic VW T1, made possible by a purely electric motor. “In T1, the driver is literally sitting on top of the front axle, since in the car there is virtually no front bump. She now has an ID. Thrive again for a very short time – with everything that matters today in terms of safety and technology. Short suspension front and rear. No other car offers this kind of single-seat design,says Albert Kerzinger, chief designer of the Volkswagen brand.

Once again, we can recall the dimensions of the car that were revealed a few weeks before the premiere. Model ID. Tinnitus and ID. The payload has a length of 4,712 mm, a width of 1,985 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,988 mm. The Buzz has a height of 1,937 mm, while the Buzz Cargo is 1 mm (1,938 mm) high. Compared to T6.1, the models have IDs. The Buzz and Cargo has a similar wheelbase, but is shorter, lower and wider.

In terms of design and functionality, we can mention specific LED headlights with optional LED Matrix technology, optional two-tone paint, LED taillights or a set of alloy wheels, which must be offered in sizes R18 (for Cargo version only), R19, R20 and R21 ( posts only). Sliding doors will likely be standard on both sides.

The cockpit of the electric Bulli was to be designed as an open space. “We have created a new car design with a very clear and easy to understand interior concept that makes optimum use of space. These are the poly genes,Kirzinger adds. Both models, whether Buzz or Cargo, should provide plenty of room for their floor plan.

At the beginning of production, the MPV will be delivered to passengers exclusively in a five-seater configuration, which should also provide enough space for luggage with a volume of up to 1121 liters. After folding the second row of seats, with the backrests divided in a ratio of 60:40, the volume will increase to 2205 liters.

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The Cargo model is equipped as standard with three front seats (instead of two) and a fixed partition separating the cargo space of 3.9 m3, where two layers of euros can be placed. The vehicle must have a maximum weight of 3500 kg and a maximum payload of 650 kg. In the mid-term, the automaker is also promising a personal six- and seven-seater version. A residential travel release from California is also planned for 2025.

In terms of equipment, the interior of ID.Buzz and ID. Cargo models will provide a similar arrangement to ID passenger cars. In front of the driver is a small digital instrument panel with a diagonal of 5.3 inches, while the instrument panel can contain infotainment information with a diagonal of 10 or 12 inches. The automaker is once again promising to focus on recycled materials, color combinations and state-of-the-art technological equipment.

We can look forward, for example, to comfortable front seats with center airbag, ambient LED lighting, ample storage space, wireless updates, USB-C ports, and a sophisticated ergonomics. However, it is also worth noting the embossed silhouettes of the ID model. Bang on the side walls of the body and on the seats of the five-seater version.

Production of identity forms. Tinnitus and ID. Buzz Cargo will take place at the main plant in Hanover, which has been included in the group of technologically advanced factories tasked with producing electric cars since 2022. Most of the modular electric motor components are ID models. The hype was also made in Germany.

In addition, Volkswagen commercial vehicles feature an identifier. Buzz will be the first model line in the MPV and light commercial vehicle segments to be produced using CO2 neutral2. In addition, the Buzz and Buzz Cargo models will use a high percentage of recycled materials, and the use of genuine leather in interiors has been completely abandoned.

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Recall that the production of new models id. Tinnitus and ID. Buzz Cargo will launch in the first half of 2022. Sales in select European markets will begin in May and deliveries to selected markets will take place in August of this year.