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استمرار مشكلات بريكست.. جارديان: حقوق آلاف من البريطانيين داخل أوروبا فى خطر

“They share the blame” … Criticism of London and Paris after differences deepens immigration crisis

According to the British newspaper The Independent, the worker said the UK and France were “playing a revenge game” on people crossing the dangerous canal in small boats instead of sitting together to find a way to prevent more deaths.

Following the release of a letter on Twitter by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Emmanuel, diplomatic tensions between the two countries were welcomed by President Macron on the issue before France welcomed France’s cancellation of an invitation by British Home Secretary Priti Patel to attend a meeting of EU ministers in Galilee on Sunday.

What happened was “simply unbelievable,” said Lisa Nandi, the shadow foreign secretary. “France blames Britain, Britain blames France – the truth is that both governments are playing a game of revenge when children drown on their shores,” he added.“.

“This is simply unreasonable and any responsible government on either side of the channel will set aside these differences and work together to tackle a common, collective problem that can only be solved together,” he stressed.“.

France has invited representatives from Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and the European Commission to meet in Calais following the deaths of 27 asylum seekers in the UK last week..

When British officials negotiated in France, Home Secretary Patel withdrew from the plans after the outrageous French outcry over what they perceived to be a British provocation in tweeting the news..

British officials say Patel spoke privately with Dutch Interior Minister Gazza Ollengren on Sunday..

Speaking to Sky, Nandi criticized Patel’s and Johnson’s approach to French communications, and called for policies to address broader issues related to the canal’s illegal crossings, such as the lack of safe havens in the UK..

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