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They were expelled from Sudan.. A Saudi ship with 91 Americans arrived in Jeddah.

Saudi Foreign Ministry: The number of people expelled from Sudan is 5,629 people from 102 countries.

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As Saudi Arabia continues its efforts to evacuate its nationals from Sudan, the King’s ship “Riyadh” of the Royal Saudi Navy has arrived in Jeddah.

Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadad correspondent reported that the ship arrived in the Red Sea carrying 14 Saudi citizens, about 91 American citizens, three Canadians and 220 people from 5 nationalities from South Sudan and Yemen.

For its part, the US State Department has announced that the US Embassy in Jeddah has received more than 350 Americans from Sudan.

Yesterday, Monday, Monday, along with 41 Saudi citizens and 171 people from the following countries (Afghanistan, Philippines, Comoros, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Madagascar, United Kingdom, Syria and USA).

Saudi Arabia is keen to provide all basic needs of citizens of brotherly and friendly countries, facilitating their return to their home countries.

About 5,629 people from 102 countries, including 239 Saudi nationals, have been expelled from Sudan, the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on its Twitter account on Tuesday.

This follows Saudi Arabia’s efforts to evacuate citizens and nationals of fraternal and allied countries from the Republic of Sudan to Saudi Arabia under the direction of the Saudi leadership.

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