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لصوص يسرقون جسرا معدنيا يزن 500 طن في الهند.. خدعوا قرية كاملة

Thieves steal a metal bridge weighing 500 tons in India.. deceived an entire village

On Saturday, the Indian police announced that members of a gang specializing in theft Scrap metal has succeeded in dismantling a 500-tonne 60-foot metal bridge and escaping with it in eastern India, in an unusual operation during which the locals were mistaken for irrigation officials.

According to the site timesofindiaThe bridge theft was reported Wednesday in Bihar, one of India’s poorest states.

The robbery in the village of Amiawer, about 40 kilometers from Sasaram, became the talking point in the area. Locals said the thieves, like “kitchen crickets”, had been chopping up pieces of 500-ton steel since opening a parallel concrete bridge before Five years, but they never thought that the entire temple would disappear one night.

Thieves used bulldozers and gas torches to snatch the bridge

the bridge
the bridge

Police officer Subhash Kumar told AFP that the thieves claimed to be government irrigation officials. Kumar explained that they brought in bulldozers and wire shears and tore up the structure before escaping with their booty in a two-day operation. He pointed out that the thieves “took the scrap in a large transport vehicle.”

Built half a century ago over a canal, this bridge has been subject to several cuts and thefts since another nearby bridge opened five years ago..