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Things Siri can do on iPhone that you may not know

You can use the voice assistant (Siri) Siri on the iPhone to get information and carry out tasks, for example: you can request a phone call while driving using only your voice, or set a timer on the phone while doing housework without using the phone with your hand.

But Siri’s function is not limited to those simple things only, there are many voice commands and features that Apple is constantly adding to the Siri voice assistant, and we will mention below 6 of those commands and features that you may not have used yet:

1- Search for saved passwords:

You can save your usernames and passwords for different websites and applications on all Apple devices, through the iCloud Keychain service. You can access that information saved on the iPhone by going to (Settings), then (Passwords), but using the voice assistant Siri, you can access it faster.


All you have to say is: (Hey Siri, show me the password for ..then mention the name of the app or website) and you’ll automatically go to the page with the password you requested in the phone’s settings. Before you can view the password, the phone will ask for Face ID or Touch ID authentication.

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2- Restart the iPhone:

If you encounter a problem with a specific application, or that your phone is not responding, you often resort to fixing the problem by restarting your iPhone by pressing the power button and one of the volume control buttons for about a second. But you can ask Siri to restart the phone quickly and without having to use your hand if your iPhone is running iOS 16, by saying: (Hey Siri, restart my phone), then say (Yes) to confirm.

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3- Turn off the alarm:

When the alarm starts ringing on the iPhone and you do not stop it manually, it will not stop on its own until after 15 minutes have passed, and this is annoying for you if you are not close to the phone, or you cannot find it. In this case, you can ask Siri to stop the alarm by saying: (Hey Siri, stop the alarm), and you can also say: (Hey Siri) only and the alarm will stop ringing.

4- Find a friend or family member using Find My:

Find My allows you to track your Apple devices as well as track the locations of your friends and family. If you’re tracking someone’s location via Find My, you can use Siri to quickly check where they are.

All you have to do is say: (Hey Siri, where is the “then mention the name of the contact”?), And a small Find My window will appear at the top of the phone screen, showing you the exact location of the person. Siri will also indicate how far it is from you, and its approximate address. And if you click the Find My window, you’ll be taken directly to the Find My app, where you can contact the person you’re looking for, get directions to their location, and more.

5- Translate a word or phrase:

You can ask Siri to translate a single word or entire sentences with just your voice. For example: You can say: (Hey Siri, translate, my head hurts, I think I’m going to sleep in Spanish) and she will translate the sentence and Siri will then read your sentence in the original language and then in Spanish. And if you want to hear the translation again, you can press the play button in the translation window that will appear to you.

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6- Set a reminder based on your location:

The Reminders application on the iPhone helps you remember what you have to do throughout the day, such as making a phone call or sending an email. But sometimes you may need to be reminded of a certain task when you reach a certain location, and this is what the voice assistant can do. For example: if you want the phone to remind you to pay your internet bill when you get home, say: (Hey Siri, remind me to pay my internet bill when I get home), and when you get home the reminder will appear on your phone.