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أمور تحدث للمرة الأولى بآخر نسخة من أفلام سندريلا 2021 .. تعرف عليها

Things that happen for the first time in the latest version of the Cinderella movies 2021.. Get to know it

As soon as the company that produced the movie Cinderella, starring Camila Cabello, revealed the first promo of the work, it sparked wide reactions from the audience. Cinderella And her fans who were attached to one of the most prominent personalities throughout history in the world of cinema, because of the attractiveness of the story that international filmmakers have always tried to exploit in their films, especially with the presence of more than one surprise included in the promo and reflected great suspense awaited by all movie lovers.

Surprising the possibility of rejecting the prince in cinderella

Cinderella films are always characterized by kidnapping the prince’s heart at the ceremony of choosing his bride from among the city’s women, which also happens from Cinderella’s side with her heart beating quickly as soon as she sees the prince, but during the last version of Cinderella things may change for the first time.

With his proposal to marry her and revealing his love for her, she surprised him with the phrase “What about my work?”, which foretells that the prince might initially reject her because of her work.

Cinderella is working

In all past versions of films Cinderella She was always oppressed by her father’s wife, and enslaved to work in a manner similar to a maid for her father’s wife and daughters, but during the promo she appeared while she was working as a seamstress, as appeared on her tongue when she said at the ceremony that the dress was her design, in addition to her appearance while designing clothes.

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sing big

Once Camila Cabello is chosen to play a characterCinderella Until many knew that we would be in front of a series of songs with her voice, as it appeared during the first promo of the movie, which is scheduled to be released in September.

Genie’s surprise

The artist Billy Porter raised the controversy, because of his appearance in the trailer for the new Cinderella movie, which will be shown on September 3, where he plays the role of the fairy godmother who turns Cinderella into a princess to catch up with the prince’s party, a role that is played for the first time by a man.

Cinderella and the Prince

Cinderella sew
Cinderella sew

Cinderella movie
Cinderella movie

Genie first time man