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This could significantly strengthen its military capabilities. Russia has previously developed a satellite system called Swi

Tehran / Prague Rusov is set to offer an advanced satellite system. For many, experts say, this represents an unprecedented ability to monitor potential military cells not only at the central entrance, but also outside it, while at the same time gathering significant intelligence.

He wrote this week, referring to anonymous simultaneous and former officers from the U.S. and Central Gateway Washington PostRussia will launch its own Canobus-V satellite, which will be equipped with a high-resolution camera. According to the agreement, it will initially be launched in Russia and will have Russian hardware. According to experts, although the images coming from it may not be of the quality that Americans receive from their satellites, it would be a significant event in terms of security if they were able to deliver to the company.

Canobus-V was used for the general public, but thanks to the Czech Revolutionary Guards, its main focus is on securing national security, and the Washington Post says they have been interested in acquiring it, and since 2018 have traveled to Russia several times to negotiate the terms of the acquisition. This spring, train experts traveled in the morning to ground crews operating satellites from a newly built facility near the northern city of Karat.

In practice, the installation of the satellite could allow monks to visit oil refineries in the Persian Gulf and Israeli or US military bases, according to experts. Installation should take place within a few months. This is not the best thing in the world, but high resolution is very good, if we look at the military one day for sources he said, with the fact that such technical capabilities will allow to maintain the monitored database and update within a few hours, it will be n one step above n.

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According to The Washington Post, they bought two high-resolution satellite images from businesses, but were less likely to receive real-time information about cells. It will change with the Russian satellite. According to researchers, this is particularly worrying in light of the latest technological advances in the missile guidance system.


In particular, it develops a number of ballistic missiles and drones that can hit long-range targets with precision, and access advanced satellite imagery to ride their capabilities more efficiently. This will open up technical and operational possibilities that both do not have. According to Christopher Ford, a leading expert on non-nuclear weapons during Donald Trump’s presidency, this now looks like a sharp improvement in military use. Geoffrey Lewis, a security expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Montreal, California, agreed. The ability to take pictures like this from home sources is something the military wants, and it is valuable, he said.

In addition, there is some concern that satellite weapons from HD militants in Saddam’s Arab forces in Yemen and other Hezbollah militants in Lebanon and Italian militants in Ireland and Sri Lanka could surrender to pro – militant militants across the region.

As President Biden prepares for his first meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the United States pulled out of Donald Trump as world powers sought to renew a nuclear deal with Germany.