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By turning on the silent mode on the mobile phone, we may not achieve the desired effect at all. He insists that his neighbor does not blame him at all, but rather burns him A study of the computer in human behavior. I fell in love with iPhone owners and their behavior in case they set the phone to Do Not Disturb mode, in order to get rid of the constant annoying of notifications.

Of a total of 138 respondents, during the weekly study, half left their phones on speakerphone, while 42 percent were limited to vibrating only. The remaining eight percent of users have their cell phones always on silent mode. After these days, respondents filled out a questionnaire related to FOMO (fear of missing out).

The research showed that the first individuals who kept their cell phones on silent were also the ones who checked their cell phones the most and spent the most time on social media. The fear of missing something was higher among users who spent a lot of time using the phone, and the same was shown among those who turned the phone off or made it vibrate.

The study suggests that as a result, turning a mobile phone into silent mode can be counterproductive. This creates a situation where, ironically, the user has to check the phone to see if something important has happened or if they have received an important notification. On the contrary, those whose mobile phone alerts me to such a state are more at peace.

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As a result, the sound of a walking notification should have a positive effect on our mental health, as it reduces our uncertainty. This is especially evident in those users who first suffer from the fear of being overrun for a long time. If you feel you belong in this group, you better not mute your phone.