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صورة جبال الهملايا من الفضاء

This image is digitally modified and not an actual image of the Himalayas from space

This image is a work of art created using computer programs

Drove search About the claim image in Google Drive to the site istacker Who returned the rights to the image to the designer Christoph Hormann,

Andlikewiseguide the search with these details to the site earth.imageco belonging to the designer, where Spread The same copy of the claim – horizontally – under the following description:

Close-up view of the Himalayas in Nepal with some of the highest peaks: in the foreground is Kanchenjunga (8586 metres) on the India-Nepal border and the eastern mountain at 8000 metres. Behind Mount Everest (8844 m). To the left are the green areas of Lower Nepal and northern India, and to the right are the high plains of Tibet.

However, the designer stated in Photo details On his site it is fake, created artificially by the use of a computer,

as I started This collection was published in 2006 and contains more than 200 images.

The images here were created in a completely different way than those used in programs such as Google Earth or NASA World Wind.

This technique allows (raytracing) with higher quality and more realistic renderings and can also be used to produce much larger and more detailed scenes.

Furthermore itThe photo was published by the agency Science Photo Library Specialized in scientific and medical images and videos,

while she added Describing it as a 3-D computer artwork, created by Christoph Hormann using data obtained from satellites,

The data was then processed into computer models using 3D rendering software and then colored and distorted to mimic the Earth’s natural curvature.

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In a related context, you can see real pictures of the Himalayas taken from the International Space Station here and here.

as such Spread NASA astronaut and flight engineer for the International Space Station Mark T Fundy Hi A picture from space of the Himalayas covered with snow via his Twitter account in June 2021,

It is reported that the Agency’s English Fact-Checking Department AFP He verified the same claim and concluded that it was false.

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Evaluate and see:

Based on the foregoing, the platform decided to classify the claim as misleading with incomplete content, because the image was digitally modified and not a real image of the Himalayas from space.