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Je to průšvih. Velké firmy prchají z Česka, chystají se drsné vyhazovy

This is a mess. Big companies are fleeing the Czech Republic, preparing layoffs

The situation in the Czech Republic began to be unfavorable for the business of large companies. While it used to be true that this country used to be a great address, because of cheap energy and labour, today it is quite the opposite. Not only are new investors almost never coming, but companies that have been doing business here for a long time are also leaving, or at least they are considering it.

get used to it

They are mainly disturbed by the rise in energy prices. Although it may seem that the situation has calmed down, this is not the case. Prices have only remained at high levels and do not seem likely to drop significantly in the coming years. However, this is a huge cost for companies, which they can hardly handle.

An example is the Draslovka chemical company, which is the world’s largest producer of sodium cyanide. According to Lidovka Server, this company has stopped its production in the Czech Republic and moved it to the USA.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, this is not out of the ordinary and similar transfers have been going on for some time, although not much talked about. These are mainly various subsidiary companies with major interests. Those in the Czech Republic are quickly losing contracts at the expense of other countries, such as Spain or Portugal, where gas prices are much lower.

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People will lose their jobs

Apparently, the Volkswagen concern is also thinking in a similar way, which some time ago indicated that it could move production from Central Europe to other locations. This would greatly affect Shkodovka from Mladá Boleslav.

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The problem lies primarily in the fact that the energy crisis mainly affected only Europe, and only part of it. The secondary district is among the hardest hit of all. Thanks to this, it finds itself in a very competitive position as a production site. And this is not good news for the Czech Republic, which has been stuck in production for a long time.

So it can be fairly reliably predicted that companies will lay off workers here and unemployment, which is still very low, will increase.

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