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This is how the UK became the dirty cash capital of the world

This is how the UK became the dirty cash capital of the world

The British newspaper The Independent described the UK as serving big businessmen and smugglers around the world, and Oliver Polo, a journalist investigating economic crimes, described London as a machine for gaining wealth, concealing wealth, protecting wealth, managing wealth and amassing wealth. Wealth.

Further investigation continued. Shops, and in this central neighborhood of the English capital, gold watches adorn the windows of many Rolex outlets.

Despite the damage to the structure of British society and nations, Oliver Polo, author of Moneyland’s bestselling book on global corruption, said the UK business maid, tax evaders and criminals, were embroiled in ill-gotten gains. From which.

A Financial Times inquiry highlights London’s role in protecting corruption and criminals from around the world for decades, especially from Russia, the newspaper said: “Russian businessmen and companies invested in London two decades ago. British politicians in all shades, until it returns, the British capital turns into a laundry to clean up dirty money from Russia and around the world.

He went on to say that even in the midst of the crisis of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, the United Kingdom was not blind to Russia’s money, but rather welcomed it with the so-called Russian oligarchy. Russian businessmen who made huge profits after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Russian businessmen and companies have been investing in London for almost two decades, with the encouragement of British politicians of all kinds, the ruling elite who believe that business should be facilitated, not just the political elite.

The Russian oligarchy has been around for a long time, but their story has brought them back to light after the Ukrainian crisis. In them.

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In fact, this thing has evolved and is no longer confined to the Russians, but the London situation has developed into a laundry of dirty money from all over the world.

This is how the UK became the dirty cash capital of the world

There are no rules for financial auditing in the UK

Although the United Kingdom is an open financial center, there are no practical and clear rules in the field of financial audit, and the newspaper has observed the inability to verify information and incorrect data and remove it from the register, for example, there are about 84,000 homes in the UK whose owners are unidentified.

Stunning numbers

Once the money arrives in London it can be disposed of as clean, and here are the numbers that show the extent of London’s involvement in this case:

Britain’s 81 law firms, 86 banks and 177 educational institutions have accepted dirty money from around the world.

Property worth 6. 6.7 billion was bought with dubious luck.

150 property titles worth £ 1.5 billion have been bought by Russians accused of corruption or having close ties to the Kremlin.

Through shell companies, real estate in the UK is estimated at 30 830 million.

10-20 Important assets were sold to the wealthy with a third party, usually a lawyer or broker.

This is how the UK became the dirty cash capital of the world

Responsibility of the Government of the United Kingdom

Britain began to fall into that abyss from the time the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher decided to liberalize the financial services sector. Of the Russian government for the past two decades.