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This is our position on the condition of Jerusalem

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Elaf from London: Britain has said its position on Jerusalem’s position is clear and consistent and should be resolved through negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.
In response to General Assembly Resolution A / 76 / L.16, he said that during the intervention of Fergus Eckersley, the British political coordinator at the United Nations, the final decision on Jerusalem should be made a holy city. Joint capital of Israel and Palestine. Entry and religious rights are granted to all who are important to the city.
In the absence of a final settlement in Jerusalem, he stressed that the UK opposes unilateral action in Jerusalem and is in favor of a historic position.
Eckersley added that the UK was aware of the special significance of Jerusalem and Temple Mount / Haram al-Sharif shrines to many religious groups around the world, especially to the three Abrahamic beliefs of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The United Kingdom appreciates the language of the resolution, which reaffirms the sanctity of these three beliefs and the special significance of the city of Jerusalem, and must respect the historical status quo.

Islamic rules!

He continued, “However, the resolution passed today refers to the holy sites in Jerusalem in purely Islamic language without referring to them as the” Temple Mount “of the Jews.
The UK Political Coordinator for the UN said: “The UK has made it clear over the years that we do not agree with this move, and we welcome the removal of most of these references, and we are disappointed that we have not been able to do so.
Eckersley noted that, in principle, the UK today has changed our vote from “yes” to “no”. If the unbalanced signals had been removed the UK would have been ready and willing to vote “yes”.
He concluded: It is clear that this position should not reflect a change in UK policy towards Jerusalem, but is a key signal of our commitment to recognizing Jerusalem’s history as one of the three monotheistic religions.

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