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This is the perfect time to sleep at night

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British researchers revealed that there is an ideal time for a person to go to bed, in order to maintain the health of his heart.

A study published in the European Heart Journal indicated that the appropriate time to protect your heart is to go to sleep between the forearms at 10 and 11 at night.

It shows that the right time to fall asleep is at a specific point in the body’s 24-hour cycle, says David Blanes, the study’s author, noting that deviations can be harmful to health.

He adds that the time is more dangerous after midnight, which is likely to deprive the body of the ability to see the morning light, which resets the body’s biological clock.

He talked about the body’s internal 24-hour clock, which helps regulate the body’s physical and mental functions.

“While we cannot conclude causation in our study, the results show that early or late sleep disrupts the body clock with negative consequences for cardiovascular health.”

The study involved more than 88,000 people, aged 43-79, who agreed to collect data on when they slept and woke up over a 7-day period.

Participants wrote information about their lifestyle, health and physical conditions.

The researchers concluded in the study that 3 percent of those included in the study had cardiovascular disease.

The infection rate was higher in those who went to sleep at or after midnight, while the rate was lower in those who went to bed between 10 and 10:59 at night, according to Sky News Arabia.

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In turn, Thomas Kilkenny, director of sleep medicine at Staten Island University Hospital in New York, says studies have shown that those who suffer from poor sleep live shorter lives.

Kilkenny, who was not involved in the study, added that the results of the study “a step forward showing that the timing of the onset of sleep can contribute to better cardiovascular health, and if you go to bed too early or too late, it negatively increases cardiovascular risk.”