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This is what Android 12. Google is gearing up for a design revolution

This is what Android 12. Google is gearing up for a design revolution

The Google I / O developer conference will start on Tuesday, where the most important news will be shown in the upcoming OS Android 12. We had the opportunity to see some a taste of the many developer previews released, but Google will likely not be showing major news until Tuesday during the welcome lecture. Obviously, we have something to look forward to.

Android 12: a big change in the environment

Detective John Prosser was last week full of all kinds of leaks; Show us first New color MacBooks, and then Upcoming smartphones Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro And now we give us our first look at the Android 12 environment (in the video from 6:03).

It is clear that Google will make Android a more friendly and graphically more consistent system. From the short promotional video, it’s clear that the focus will be on seamless animation, rounded elements, and dial buttons. The small oval will also be in the top row and we will find the hours and the number of missed notifications. There are no app icons, just the total number of all alerts in the black circle.

The new design also gets a larger number lock screen that displays the time, or the GBoard system keyboard. Interestingly, Google uses the data for promotional videos that this year, last year, or next year doesn’t match the day and month. Let’s hope Google doesn’t classify different versions of upcoming promotional materials in this way, from which it is possible to infer who is behind their escape. In any case, Google will have nothing to hide on Tuesday, as it will reveal Android 12 in all its beauty.

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