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تكنولوجيا : هكذا سيبدو شكل ساعة فيس بوك المنافسة لـ Apple Watch

This is what Facebook’s Apple Watch competitor will look like

Saturday October 30, 2021 12:45 AM

Recent reports have revealed that Facebook is working on its first smartwatch competitor to the Apple Watch, as the device will be launched under the newly announced Meta company, and an image of the upcoming smartwatch has been leaked online.

According to a report by Bloomberg, the Facebook smartwatch may come with a circular display and camera placed in a viewing hole, and the notch will be similar to what we see on smartphones, except that it will be located at the bottom of the screen, rather than at the top.

Facebook watch

The image was found inside the iPhone app for Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses called “Facebook View”, where it was spotted by app developer Steve Moser and shared with Bloomberg News. on the right side.

The presence of the image in the smart glasses app indicates that the watch can be managed on both iPhone and Android devices using the app, and may first appear as “Milan” according to the code.

The first smartwatch to come with a camera

The camera at the bottom of the screen suggests that it can be used to take photos and videos as well as for video conferencing, and so far, no smartwatch from Apple – which offers the world’s best-selling Apple Watch – or other brands offer any.

The Facebook smart watch will have a detachable wrist strap, and the watch case may contain a button at the top, while the Facebook smart watch may be launched in 2022.

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Facebook has yet to officially acknowledge the smartwatch, but rumors have it that the smartwatch may be launched as early as 2022, and according to a person familiar with the matter, a final decision on timing hasn’t been made yet, and the debut could be later, according to a Bloomberg report.

Currently, Facebook (now Meta) is said to be working on three generations of the product aiming for different release timeframes.

Source : Technology: This is what the Facebook watch will look like, competing with the Apple Watch