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Google Pixel 6 Pro 6

This is what the Pixel 6 phone looks like! Google is really bold this year

Google Pixel smartphones are often compared to iPhones because they are one company behind the hardware and software design. But while iPhones sell about 200 million units every year, Pixel sales are calculated in units, amounting to tens of millions of units at most. But this year’s generation can shuffle the cards at least a little.

Pixel 6 and 6 Pro: Google is really bold this year

If last year’s pixels were just too boring pies at first glance, this year the pixels should have veered off their design line. Usually it is an accurate informer John Prosser He got the real pixel images, but to protect the source he did not publish them directly, but accurate 3D rendering was made on the basis of these images. The images in this article are intended to show the true look of the upcoming phones, even with the background selected on the home screen.

Pixel 6 a 6 Pro 2
Google Pixel 6 a 6 Pro

This year we have two models that will be called Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Both phones will share much of the design, but you’ll get to know them at first glance – the Pro variant will be slightly larger and decorate the back with three camera lenses, while the classic Pixel 6 will have just two cameras.

Pixel 6 a 6 Pro 1
Google Pixel 6 a 6 Pro

Probably the most discussed element is the appearance of the photovoltaic module itself; The lens and LED flash will be stacked side by side in a high black stripe, which will divide the phone into two parts – the lower part will be light (white / pink), and the upper narrow strip above the unit will be more visible shade. So far, Jon Prosser has seen the new pixels in orange, then in “champagne,” which are said to look like an expensive gem.

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As for the new pixels, the fingerprint reader that Google integrates into the screen for the first time will be hidden from the back. In addition, the screen will be satisfied with very thin bezels and a selfie camera hole in the middle of the top.

From outside Google, from inside Google

The next pixels look really, really good, when the author of the video asks himself why did Google care about this care after so many years? The answer should be simple: Google wants this year’s Pixels to clearly carry their handwriting, because they’ll be new not only on the outside but also on the inside. Following the example of Apple or Samsung, Google intends to equip them Own production slidesWhich is being secretly developed under the codename Whitechapel GS (Google Silicon). However, we do not yet know if Google Chips will try to compete with the most powerful mobile processors today in its first generation, nor do we know other paper parameters.

Even without this knowledge, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro look really interesting, and this is to accompany the first flexible and smartphone smartphone smart watch With Google logo. So far, Google seems to be having a really good time until this fall.