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This TV has two screens and it’s free. – will be paid for by ads that will still work there

I had to see if it was an April Fool’s joke. There will be television available in the United States that people won’t pay for. its name abbreviation And he makes money for himself by running ads all the time. Literally always, because under the classic 55-inch screen there is a second narrow display for gadgets with news, weather, etc., and the right part of it is for advertisers. According to the photos, it looks like companies like Kia, Pepsi or Pizza Hut have applied for the space.

The TV runs on the new TellyOS operating system, which does not yet support third-party apps (ie, not Netflix, Disney +, etc.), but it understands that you are no longer watching a movie, so it can also display ads on the home screen.

TellyOS has voice control, a webcam for video calls (so far only Zoom is supported), a sensor for controlling gestures, or various fitness video games. There is a soundbar between the two screens, we also know three HDMI, two USB and a TV tuner from the available equipment.

Behind Telly is Ilya Pozin, founder of Pluto TV, an online TV that also lives on ads only. This spring, it already had 80 million active users and is expanding all over the world (not yet in the Czech Republic). Four years ago, it was bought by Viacom (now Paramount Global) for $340 million.

Pozin certainly knows that the advertising business can pay for a pure internet service. But can he sell a TV with such high production costs? In addition, a smart TV someone will definitely hack the firmware to get rid of advertising? We’ll see that sometime in the summer, when Telly reaches its first users. The manufacturer is going to “give away” half a million TVs.

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