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June 16, 2022 Thursday Weather Forecast

This week is the hottest day of the year as the UK is facing a heat wave

According to meteorologists, the Brits may get beautiful sunshine as the hottest day of the year approaches in a few more days.

The Center for Meteorology forecasts that the Mercury could rise to 33 degrees Celsius and that the continental heat wave will finally hit our shores after Friday (June 17).

Temperatures in the southeastern UK are likely to reach these highs, with current forecasts showing 28 degrees Celsius in the north and 24 degrees Celsius in Wales.

Meteorological Office Vice President Dan Rodman said: “Temperatures will be above average by Friday, with many parts of the south of the UK hovering around 30C or 33C. Celsius.

A 33 degree Celsius heat wave is expected in the UK this week, according to meteorologists.

This is the first heat wave of the year, and it is even more unusual for temperatures to exceed these values ​​in June.

“Many areas will see some hot nights, which will range from moderate to high temperatures at night.”

A small wind-like heat wave is coming from Spain’s current heat wave, where the weekend temperature reached 43 degrees Celsius.

Authorities have issued a severe temperature warning for the next few days as unusually hot weather continues to wreak havoc on the Iberian Peninsula.

Weather on Thursday (June 16)

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Meanwhile, home doctors are urging the public to examine the elderly and those suffering from certain diseases and prepare for good weather.

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Agostinho Souza, head of the UK’s Health Security Agency for Serious Events and Health Care, said: “During the summer, it is important to keep a close watch on the elderly and those who are most vulnerable, such as those with heart or heart problems.

“Pay attention to the symptoms of heat exhaustion and follow our simple health tips to alleviate the heat.”