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This year, Czech breweries are betting on success from the United States.  Young adults will be tempted to drink 'alcoholic soda'.

This year, Czech breweries are betting on success from the United States. Young adults will be tempted to drink ‘alcoholic soda’.

In the summer, two large brewing groups, Staropramen and Plzeňský Prazdroj, want to attract customers to the solid Seltzer beer, which is gaining popularity in the American market. The drink is produced in different types of fruit, but it contains an amount of alcohol that is comparable to 11 to 12. According to the Martin Novák brewer of the Obora brewery, it is more popular among young people who do not smell the classic beer yet.

Hard seltzer is a soda flavored with alcohol. It will be launched on the market in the Czech Republic these days Pilsner Urquill Under the name Viper Hard Seltzer, it has two flavors – lemon and cranberry.

“Hard soft drinks are a huge hit with consumers in the US market, as they are already produced by almost all of the leading beer producers. We want to introduce this new drink to people in the Czech Republic and we think they will find their consumers,” he told Aktuáln. cz the spokesman for the Zdeněk Kovář brewery.

He described modernity as a pure alcoholic beverage without artificial colors and preservatives, produced by a natural fermentation method, similar to beer.

“Brewer’s yeast is also used in its production, which is why it is often prepared in breweries. In our case, it is the Pilsen brewery,” added Kovac.

Viper should be available at Koší online supermarket starting this week. After that, the goods should also appear in Tesco supermarkets and other stores, that is, in 0.33 liter cans at a recommended price of 24.90 CZK. And once the coronavirus situation allows, people can also sample it in restaurants and bars that collaborate with Prazdroj.

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Beginning in mid-May, solid carbonated water from competing Staropramen breweries will be available in select chains, on convenience store shelves and in online stores. The novelty, which should eventually appear in some bars and restaurants, according to spokeswoman Denisa Milpakrova, is called any moment.

This beer will also be available in 0.33 liter cans, the recommended retail price is 33.90 CZK. The brewery prepared a total of three flavors for customers.

Also, according to Mylbachr, the solid state cellulose category in the US market is booming. “Now, solid glass beverage is also very popular in Central and Eastern Europe, where it was also introduced by the parent company Molson Coors Beverage Company, and of course this also applies to the Czech market, which usually responds well to the news,” she added.

According to Kovář from Plzeňský Prazdroj, the drink is suitable for people looking for a mild-flavored drink with a similar percentage of alcohol as beer.

Agricultural analyst Peter Havel warned in January that due to the amount of alcohol, drinking an American hit might be a bit unpredictable. “It’s a soda flavored mainly with alcohol, while the amount of alcohol is comparable to beer from 11 to 12 which is about five percent. So at first glance, the visually harmless ‘bubble water’ can be treacherous for some individuals.” Mentioned to

According to Kovac, the drink can be especially beneficial for younger adults. Martin Novak, the brewery at the South Bohemian Opura brewery, sees it the same way. He told Aktuálně.cz: “The brewery probably won’t appreciate it at all, but it will definitely be something of interest for young people who don’t like beer yet, and their taste buds are prepared a little differently.”

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It was this Tábor brewery that launched hard carbonated water on the Czech market in December. At present, however, he has had to withdraw goods from sale. It is awaiting the opinion of the General Directorate of Customs, which will decide in which category of excise tax the drink will be included. If he were to be subject to an excise tax on alcohol, according to Novak, the brewery would likely not return the product to circulation for financial reasons.

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