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Thomas Kolidakis: Hopes for the success of the Austrian plan with the Afghan immigrants

Thomas Kolidakis: Hopes for the success of the Austrian plan with the Afghan immigrants

Turkey strengthens border protection with Iran, Bulgaria with Turkey, Greece and Greece with Turkey. The domino effect of frantic preparations continues along the Balkan migration path, which has been popular with the general public since 2015.

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Due to the fact that the entire European Union has not yet managed to reform its asylum and immigration policy in six years, individual member states and the European Commission are taking charge.

Not surprisingly, there is a completely different approach. It symbolizes the next development. For example, Spain has set up an evacuation camp that the European Commission wants to distribute to member states.

Austria is defending itself, it has 40 thousand Afghanis from the past, so it will not take anyone. Greece, for example, similarly argues, even the number of refugees is no different. However, it is said to be able to withstand evacuation in a number of units.

However, the Austrian government has gone further. The flick has dusted off a plan to build detention centers, refugee camps, temporary accommodation, and warehouses for refugee souls outside the European Union.

Try the same thing over and over again

The last time this plan appeared was in 2018, when similar camps in non-EU countries were supposed to be in the Balkans in exchange for money and other benefits. Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama has well appreciated this idea. He said that his country would not agree to this, even if it had the opportunity to join the union in return, which of course he wanted.

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Now Albania accepts Afghan evacuees to the Americans, like Kosovo and North Macedonia, but that’s a different trade. Presumably before they went to America – an attempt to tilt an outside power. That is why Edi Rama spoke of the traditional Albanian hospitality, according to which every house belongs to God and the guest.

Austria wants Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to do in return for what the Balkan countries have rejected in the past, as well as the countries of North Africa. Austria can mention Tajikistan, which has already shown its willingness to accept up to one hundred thousand people from Afghanistan. However, it is clear between the lines that this is a mainly Turkish minority.

The other two countries might, of course, think about why they shouldn’t take bags of money from EU taxpayers until the union washes its hands and doesn’t have to face illegal immigration again. This is not likely, but it is possible.

Thomas Kolyadakis

If that happened, the Austrian government, with the support of the Union, would be able to deny the validity of Einstein’s good idea that insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

But if we take it purely humanitarian, refugees can still choose a perilous journey to Europe, because there may be better in their eyes there; Only Afghanistan’s neighbors can take money for influence in the Turkish-style union and the 2016 immigration agreement.

Perhaps it will not change much about illegal immigration, nor will it change the devastated reality of Afghanistan.

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