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بالبلدي: الراحلوان عن الأهلي.. موسيماني يطيح بهاجم الأهلي.. ويضم لاعب سيبما التنزاني

Those who left Al-Ahly .. Musimani ousts the Al-Ahly attacker.. It includes the Tanzanian player Siba

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Walter Bwalya is close to leaving Al-Ahly club during the summer transfer period 2021, especially after he left the accounts of Pitso Seasonian, the coach of Al-Ahly club, because he was unable to provide a distinguished performance during the last period after joining the Red Castle since last January in the winter transfer period.

Luis Michisoni, the Tanzanian Simba team player, came close to joining the Red Castle during the summer transfer period for the 2021 season, especially after the desire of Mosimane, who wants to contract with the player and overthrow Walter Bwalya, who did not provide a technical return during the last period.

Pitso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly of Egypt, sent a fiery message to the Kaizer Chiefs team, its competitor in the African Champions League final, which will be held next Saturday at the Mohammed V Stadium in Morocco.

Musimani said, according to what was published by the “IOL” website, I warn Casir Chiefs against resorting to defending against my team during the final match expected next Saturday, especially since Al-Ahly has a strong attack that can disrupt any defenses.

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Source :” Egyptian today

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