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Thoughts in the desert |  Middle east

Thoughts in the Desert: The Story of Civilization

Here are the headlines this morning: Egypt prepares to move to the administrative capital amid an exciting engineering framework. Prince Mohammed bin Salman in “NEOM” inspects the finished stages. The Kuwaiti National Assembly presents a new interpellation. Lebanon is looking for the rights of the President of the Republic. As for the rights of the people, it is possible to wait until after the Republic.
What is the NEOM project and what are its stages? I tried for a while to search in order to explain. It is a topic on which journalists, scientists, and engineers will write for many years. and environmental experts. and sociologists. When the texts became difficult for me, I tried to use the video. And it got more confusing. Show me that in order to understand and to explain, you need a new language. And engineers need additional science. And commoners like me need to train their imaginations for a new world.
Newspaper headlines have not changed: gossip or business. Countries in crisis with failure and emptiness, countries that always put their people on the threshold of tomorrow. In order to know the conditions and concerns of countries and the nature of their rulers, you should headlines for newspapers. UAE newspaper headlines about overcoming the difficult global situation. The headlines of Lebanon’s newspapers about the famine, what happened and what is to come, about politics: what is trivial and what is much more trivial. Egypt graduated from the stage of class speech to class architecture. The economy is growing and the opposition has nothing to call for in the Istanbul markets.
I went to visit Minister Mohammed Al Gergawi, as I used to visit him in the offices of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s team. This time, I noticed behind him the volumes of “The Story of Civilization” by Will Durant, one of the most interesting publications in the world of publishing, culture and thought. Abu Saeed told me that Dubai entered the first day of the centenary towards the opening of “Expo 2020”, the first exhibition of its kind in history. I wished him to address a special invitation in the name of the “Bedouins” to the governments of Lebanon that had resigned, resigned, resigned, costly, disobedient and intractable, and those that “have never been formed, like the eyes of the general’s son-in-law.” It is a beautiful aphorism said by General Michel Aoun, when he was told that Lebanon has been without a government for eight months, because of the search for a portfolio for Gibran Bassil. That was in the last government crisis. As for the current one, it has been around for about a year, and it is still “as long as a government has not been formed by Karmal Ayoun, the general’s son-in-law.”
Most likely, the current son-in-law is the next president of the republic, based on his experience and the experience of Lebanon, the Arabs and the world with him. This is the worst isolation Lebanon has ever known in its history. This is the ugliest political, social, economic and health picture of him since his appearance on the maps and the appearance of his name on the human board.
And the countries of the “Bedouins” are preoccupied with “NEOM” and “Expo 2020”. And “Vision 2030” draws the largest development budget known to people. The owner of Lebanon, Gibran Bassil, is still teaching America and Britain how nations are run without budgets. or governments. or fellow human beings.

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