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Thousands apply for a job as a researcher for aliens


Sunday, March 19, 2023 / 13:52

The most important minds are sought to help in the search for aliens. A new advertisement for the European Space Agency invites seasoned space explorers to join the new campaign. But applicants need to have a qualification at master’s degree level in order to be considered.

“In 2023, the European Space Agency will be recruiting over 200 new colleagues to join our teams and support our mission of peaceful exploration and the use of space for the benefit of all,” the announcement says. “We watch the Earth, develop and launch inspiring and unique space projects, train astronauts, push the boundaries of science and technology, and seek answers to the big questions about the universe,” the job description says.

More than 23,000 people have applied to become astronauts, and a spokesperson for the European Space Agency said, “While it is a very positive sign of interest in space activities, processing this volume of applications requires a significant amount of work.”

Applicants must undergo lengthy health and endurance tests, have 100 percent vision (20/20) and pass a psychological test, according to the newspaper. British Daily Star.

It comes after allegations that Pentagon chiefs misled Congress about a host of mysterious objects, with a former Pentagon analyst saying the UFOs seen by US Navy personnel were definitely not conventional drones.

Jay Stratton, a former senior analyst at the Office of Naval Intelligence who headed the US government’s UAP task force, denied the official explanation for the “unexplained weather phenomena” that shadowed a group of US Navy ships in July 2019. Speaking to AlienCon at Pasadena On March 5, Stratton and his chief scientist, Travis Taylor, said that despite official explanations, the triangular shape of the UFO captured on video by Navy personnel was no simple trick of the light.

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