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Thousands of Scots fought for independence from the United Kingdom

Thousands of Scots fought for independence from the United Kingdom

Two hours ago

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Edinburgh: Thousands of Scots protested in the capital Edinburgh on Saturday, reiterating their demands for independence from the United Kingdom.

The rally began near the Royal Commonwealth Assembly in the afternoon, with protesters marching through the city streets and reaching the Scottish Parliament.

During the march, thousands carried the country’s flag, played drums, and some held banners reading “Remove the British Government,” “Freedom Now,” and “Hope Over Fear.”

Earlier, Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that he would run for a second term in office at the end of 2023.

The Scottish Parliament strongly supports independence from the UK, which is sufficient to legislate a second referendum, but a new referendum requires the approval of the British Federal Government.

In turn, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed his rejection of the idea of ​​a new referendum and reiterated that the people of Scotland had chosen their choice in the 2014 referendum.

However, Sturgeon stressed that conditions had changed since Britain’s exit from the European Union, which led to Scotland withdrawing from the camp against its will, with 62 per cent voting in 2016 to be part of the European Union.

Scotland held a referendum on leaving Britain in 2014, two years before leaving the European Union, but 55.3 per cent voted against Scotland’s independence.

The government, under then-Prime Minister David Cameron, promised to understand Scotland better and to grant “a wide range of new powers to the Scottish Parliament”.

The Scottish National Party, which spearheaded the campaign, firmly believed that the country would be better off if it gained independence from the United Kingdom.

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However, Scotland rejected partition because more than two million people (55.3 per cent) voted to be part of the United Kingdom, compared to the 1.62 million (44.7 per cent) who supported independence.