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Thrilling story of a Soviet-era couple living in America under false identities

Thrilling story of a Soviet-era couple living in America under false identities

A federal court has charged a US couple who have lived in the United States for decades and assumed the names of two dead children for identity theft and collusion against the government, in a case It is suspected of espionage.

Walter Primrose and his wife, Gwen Morrison, born in 1955, were arrested in Hawaii a week ago. According to the documents, an old photo of them in their uniforms was found during a search of their home Soviet intelligence KGB.

On Thursday, the judge ordered that the man continue to be detained for fear that he would leave the country by air. The wife will appear before the judge next week.

According to the indictment, the couple studied in Texas in the 1970s and married there in 1980. For unknown reasons, in 1987 they assumed the identities of Bobby Fort and Julie Montague, two children who had died years earlier and are buried in nearby cemeteries.

Walter Primrose

The couple remarried in 1988 with their new identities. In 1994, “Bobby Fort” joined the Coast Guard, and served there for 20 years before becoming a contractor with the US Department of Defense.

Over the years, the couple obtained several official documents with their stolen identities, including driver’s licenses and several passports.

  Gwen Morrison

Gwen Morrison

While the indictment does not mention the suspicion of espionage, a document submitted to deny their parole requests indicates that the case is complex.

Federal prosecutor Claire Connors said that “federal investigators seized letters” addressed to the couple “indicating the defendants by names other than Bobby, Julie and Walter O’Gwen.”

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Investigators also found photos of the couple in uniform KGB elements.

A relative of Morrison told investigators that she lived in Romania when she was still in the Communist bloc, Connors said.

As for Primrose, during his contract with the Pentagon, he was required to report all his foreign trips, and he declined to do so for several trips to Canada, according to the plaintiff.

For her part, Morrison’s lawyer, Megan Cao, said in a brief statement to “AFP” that her client denied the accusations.