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Throw-in with the foot and the half 30 minutes .. “FIFA” is moving towards revolutionizing the laws of football قوانين

The Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” revealed in a report today, Saturday, that the International Football Association “FIFA” is considering introducing unprecedented amendments to the laws of the football witch.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the most important amendments that FIFA intends to introduce to the laws of the game are:

Dividing the playing time into two periods of 30 minutes each, stopping play at each stop, similar to other sports, such as basketball or futsal, ensuring 30 minutes of active play.

– Possibility to make unlimited changes.

Throw-ins are made with the feet, which allows for the creation of higher-risk situations, where the ball will be transferred to the opponent’s area with greater ease.

Introducing a penalty for a player receiving a yellow card, with a 5-minute temporary suspension.

The newspaper revealed that the modifications are expected to be tested in the “Future Cup for Football” under 19 years, in which four teams compete: PSV Eindhoven, the Dutch Alkmaar, the German Leipzig and the Belgian Club Brugge.

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After the tournament ends, FIFA will assess the impact of these changes, and whether any of them will be adopted and adopted as an official request to the International Game Council, the body that sets the rules of the game worldwide.