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نشيموتو: 'تيكاد8' فرصتنا لتطوير التعاون مع تونس وغيرها في مجال الفضاء

TICAD8 is our opportunity to develop cooperation with Tunisia and others in the space field

Neshimoto: TICAD8 is our opportunity to develop cooperation with Tunisia and others in the space field

Akira Nishimoto, the advisor in charge of international studies at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Akira Nishimoto, said during a meeting with Mosaic’s envoy to Tokyo, Hana Al Sultani, today, Thursday, August 4, 2022, that he is looking forward to participating soon in the activities of the Tokyo Conference on African Development TICAD 8, on August 27 and 28 in Tunisia, in order to develop bilateral cooperation between Tunisia and African countries in the field of space development.

“TICAD 8” is an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with our partners from 9 African countries

Akira Neshimoto highlighted that during the TICAD 8 session in Kenya in 2016, good cooperation was achieved and requests were received from 9 African countries to help them launch Cubesat satellites for these countries, which will be used to develop the economies and benefit the societies of these countries, which the agency’s representatives seek to Strengthening relations with them during the Tunisian session of 2022.

Workshops between Japanese and Tunisian industrial universities specialized in the world of space

He added that various meetings will be held to discuss aspects of cooperation and ensure more partnership with the rest of the African countries. 26 August.

He indicated that before August 26, the Tunisian side will organize a workshop with a number of United Nations guests on the micro-satellite file, or what is known as Cubesat.

He said that what the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency aspires to from participating in “TICAD 8” is to inform African researchers about the agency’s services, achievements and future projects, and to give the opportunity for students who have a passion for the world of space and manufacturing technology in this field to benefit from our experience and develop their training and information in particular.

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Hana Al Sultani