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"Tigris and Euphrates" is an Iraqi night in the Riyadh season

“Tigris and Euphrates” is an Iraqi night in the Riyadh season

Elaf from RiyadhThe night of “Tigris and Euphrates” presented by the General Entertainment Authority in Riyadh City Boulevard, with its three stars, Aseel Hamim, Saif Nabil, and Hatem Al Iraqi, decorated the Riyadh season parties. In it, the groans of Iraqi moors touched the feelings and sensibilities of the present Saudi and Arab audience, and the result was a night of rapture par excellence.

The ceremony was held on the stage of “Mohammed Abdo Arena”, which Hatem Al-Iraqi and Saif Nabil Wasil Hammim described as a great responsibility and pride added to their march that their songs that they present on this stage are associated with the name of “the Arab artist” Mohamed Abdo.

The concert was started by Aseel Hamim, the presenter of her emotional songs, which she is famous for. Aseel described the ceremony by saying: “I am proud that I represent my country, Iraq, in the most beautiful ceremony.”
And about the secret of her distinctiveness in the emotional song, she stated that it is up to her feeling, and this is not only in the emotional song, but in all songs, and she praised the Saudi audience, describing it as “providing a moral boost to any singer, and any words that will be said about him are few.”

As for the artist, Saif Nabil, who was accompanied by a performance band that participated in the performance of some of his songs, he confirmed behind the scenes that “the Saudi audience is classy and respectful, and he was surprised by his great interaction with the artists.”

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As for the artist, Hatem Al-Iraqi, who entertained the large audience with his Iraqi songs and moans, he prepared a surprise for the night of the Tigris and Euphrates, represented by presenting a new patriotic song for Saudi Arabia. Behind the scenes, Hatem confirmed that “Iraq has a great artistic and cultural heritage, and we are happy to present a small part of this legacy on the night of the Tigris and Euphrates.”