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Tik Tok is testing new ways to display candidate videos to the user – Jerusalem

Tik Tok is testing new ways to display candidate videos to the user – Jerusalem

Beijing – (dpa) – The popular Chinese social networking application Tik Tok is currently testing new ways to select and display videos that it recommends to any user in order to ensure that they do not enhance negative user experiences.

The famous application stated that it is testing changes aimed at avoiding displaying many videos of the same type of content to one person, while it may be good if it is displayed as one video of them, at the same time, it will be a problem when it is displayed as a group video such as content that talks about systems Extreme diets or sad videos.

“We are also working to learn if our system may inadvertently recommend very limited types of content which, while not violating our policies, could have a negative impact on a user if they account for the majority of what they see,” the app company said in an online message. Someone like content related to loneliness or weight loss.”

For years, social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Instagram have been criticized for allowing content that leads to depression and stress, especially among teenage and young users.

And last October, the platforms Tik Tok, Snapchat and YouTube were scrutinized during hearings in the US Senate, with the aim of keeping children safe when they use the Internet.

The Tik Tok application also revealed the development of a feature that will allow users to block the access of videos associated with a word or a tag that they do not want them to appear.