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Tik Tok reassures the US Congress about its users' data

Tik Tok reassures the US Congress about its users’ data

The “Tik Tok” social network confirmed to members of the US Senate that it will take the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the US government in terms of data protection and access outside the United States, including from employees of the parent company, the Chinese “ByteDance” group.

To respond to the requests of the US authorities, TikTok indicated in mid-June that all data related to American users of the platform is now stored on the servers of the Oracle Group in the United States.

The social network confirmed, according to an article published by BuzzFeed in the middle of last month, that employees residing in China can access this data, but under a “solid” protocol for authorization and security monitoring processes.

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TikTok reiterated that “the Chinese Communist Party did not ask us to share this data,” adding, “We have not passed any information about American users to the Chinese Communist Party, and we will not do so even if we are asked.”

In addition, the group’s officials explained that while ByteDance engineers can work on the platform’s algorithms, the new protocol guarantees, according to TikTok, that they will only be able to do so in the computing environment of the US Oracle Group, without extracting data from it.

The social network is currently under review by the Committee on Foreign Investments in the United States, a government agency that assesses the risks of any foreign investment to the national security of the United States.

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During his tenure in the White House, Donald Trump was concerned about the security of the platform’s data and tried to force ByteDance to sell its subsidiary to the Oracle Group.

The former US president also issued executive orders banning the service, but his successor, Joe Biden, canceled them after he became president of the United States.

Nevertheless, the current US president has asked his administration to measure the risks already posed by foreign ownership of websites and applications on the Internet.