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TikTok will recognize the UK and the EU from collecting data on children

Popular short video sharing app TikTok and its parent company ByteDance are on the verge of collecting and using data on children, which would require billions of pounds. Originally deposited on behalf of one million dinars from Britain and the European Union According to the BBC bval dtsk komisaka pro Anglii Anne Longfieldov.

If the app is spn, dotnch dt each can earn a year for thousands of pounds. TiktTokalobu describes it as baseless and aims to fight it.

The first parties at the party will argue that TikTok collects children’s personal data, including phone numbers, videos, exact locations and biometric data, collects it without sufficient notice and required law approval, and the kids don’t even know how the data will be handled.

TikTok has more than 800 million users worldwide. According to the results denku The New York Times bolona jae 202043% of TikTokutnctilech users or younger users. Thus, every German user must be 14 years old and 45% of French users.

Its parent company, ByteDance, primarily generates revenue from advertising. In response to the report, the company said that privacy and security are among TikTok’s top priorities. It indicated that it uses mechanisms and techniques that are supposed to protect users. We believe that the accused is baseless. She added, “Let’s go to the shields.”

Longfieldov described TikTok as a promise of data collection, which is hiding under the guise of Social St. Service according to n zml and spn fool birth. TikTok is a very popular platform that has helped kids keep in touch with birds in a very difficult year. She said that behind the funny songs and dances, there is something more sinister.

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Tom Southwell of Scott and Scott, the first company responsible for the lawsuit, believes that the collection of data in the TikTok app violates UK and EU laws to protect personal data. TikTok advertising revenue is based on the user’s personal data, including children. He said that profiting from this information without fulfilling the final obligations is unacceptable.

Longfields switched to TikTok because, according to nv regarding other social networks, it has the dominant data collection policy.