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Tinder: How Criminals Use Dating Apps To Trap The Rich

Tinder: How Criminals Use Dating Apps To Trap The Rich

  • Philippa Souza
  • BBC – Sao Paulo

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Police said in an interview with the BBC that most of the victims of the tinder scandal were men looking for quick, casual encounters.

A man contacted a woman through a dating application and exchanged messages with her, and after a period of time, they arranged a date in order to meet face to face, and when he arrived at the agreed place, gunmen kidnapped him.

What was expected to be a promising romantic encounter turned into a nightmare that lasted for days.

In São Paulo, the largest and richest city in Brazil, this type of crime is common.

The public security minister told the BBC that the proportion of solicitations using fake profiles as bait on dating apps such as Tinder was now “more than 90 per cent of kidnappings recorded by local police”.