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Title match?  It's fast, but I can prepare, Procházka thinks

Title match? It’s fast, but I can prepare, Procházka thinks

Immediately after the victory over American Dominique Reyes from Czech fighter MMA Jiří Procházka, the question of a possible title match in the prestigious UFC surprised him, but with a distance of several dozen hours he was already imagining it.

However, he wants enough time to prepare and wants to wait for the outcome of the already announced title battle between Paul Jan Blasovi and Glover Teixeira from Brazil, which will take place in early September.

“Personally, I prefer to wait until Teixeira’s match with Blaovi مباراة and then make a clear decision,” said Procházka. “The preparation for Blackovi, or the winner of this duel, must be really meticulous. It’s a title match, it should not be underestimated.” Online press conference after his return to the Czech Republic.

The Japanese champion Rizin presented himself in the UFC for the second time Sunday evening Czech time, and after a clear win over Reyes, who was knocked out in the second round, there is already talk that he could fight for the US organization belt. However, the first question, once the match ended, surprised him a little

“When I sat on the microphone after the match and was immediately asked that I was going to go to the title, I thought, ‘Damn it, really? I thought it was fast, but when I imagined Blachowicz or one of them to be the title competitor, and now that we feel Dominic is in front of us, and all of his techniques, I have to say that I will be able to prepare for the title match, ”said Procházka.

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But first he wants to relax and gradually start working on his improvement. “Now I would like to run my system for a month or two, depending on the next match plan. I would like to work on the mistakes I made in the match. I would like to spend time on my own and interrogate for a few hours,” he smiled. Procházka, whose victorious victory has not yet been properly attested from the record.

He admitted, “I haven’t even had a chance to read all the reactions. I didn’t get to the media properly.” He has been praised by almost all MMA stars in the world.

I would like to be one of these heroes, and to show something special, so I consider it something that I clearly defined and expected, ”said a member of Brno Jetsam Jimo, who scored a goal in Las Vegas. Twelfth Triumph and Tenth Coe respectively.

Walk started the match with a special hairstyle – he had a braid in the middle of his head. It was inspired by Thai and so-called Mongkon warriors. The head ornament that they use in the Wai Khru dance ritual. Maybe he will keep it.

“It has been in my head for a while and I thought I would keep it. So I can preserve the spirit I encountered. I would just like to make synthetic bristles and replace them with my own hair,” Prochaska added.